Founded in 1988, Clement Mok designs was a Silicon Valley start-up based in San Francisco. The studio’s focus was to provide marketing and product UI design services for high-tech start-ups. As the technology and markets evolved, we found ourselves pulled into projects that were in unchartered territories — prototyping software applications for marketing that was beyond cutting edge — it was the bleeding edge.

Producing digital pre-press catalogs, coding CD-I, CD-ROM titles for the Mayo Clinic, prototyping navigation systems for interactive television and chat rooms were all projects we worked on. Some of these early work products inspired software and apps in later years.

Making Zoom calls, binging on Netflix and posting a viral video on Facebook are all things you expect to do on your laptop today. But it wasn’t all that long ago when viewing videos on a computer was simply unthinkable.What would you use them for? It’s just like television with added controls, right?And this thing called the broadband super highway, how does it fit into the mix? We grappled with all of these questions when working with tech and cable companies to prototype and develop interaction models during those heady years of Silicon Valley