Clement Mok, designer

Mok is a designer, digital pioneer, software publisher and developer, author, design patent holder and restaurateur. He began his career in the 1980s at the design department at CBS, and Donovan & Green NY. He then moved to Apple in late 1982, where he joined the Macintosh design team as a designer working with Steve Jobs. As creative director at Apple, he made computers friendlier and more accessible. Since then, he founded multiple successful design-related businesses, including Studio Archetype, CMCD and NetObjects. A pioneer in designing in digital media, Mok helped shape what people know of today as experience design, information design, interaction design, interface design and more. He mentors startups and served on the advisory boards of technology companies, colleges and nonprofit organizations. His contributions have been recognized by publications and many awards, including the 2008 AIGA Medal and 2023 National Design Award. Mok is also an advocate for design and technology practices.