Apple | HyperCard

HyperCard was the first product that made use of and popularized the hypertext concept to everyday computer  users. Like Macintosh was the Computer For The Rest Of Us, HyperCard was Apple-speak for Programming For The Rest Of Us. Though it lost popularity with the growth of the World Wide Web, HyperCard had a significant impact on the web as it inspired the creation of both HTTP (through its influence on Tim Berners-Lee‘s colleague Robert Cailliau),and JavaScript (whose creator, Brendan Eich, was inspired by HyperTalk).

I was the Creative Director on the introduction of HyperCard. Besides the initial launch print material, I convinced Apple executives to showcase this new technology by shipping the world’s first interactive annual report with the company’s printed annual report — a skunk project developed by Hugh Dubberly’s team at Apple Creative Service. The HyperCard Annual Report Supplement provided product information that was not part of the financial narrative.



HyperCard launch: Clement Mok, Creative Director & Designer | HyperCard Annual Report: Hugh Dubberly, Creative Director, Doris Mitsch, Ron Fernadez, Vic Zaud and Paul Gilman, Designers | Apple Corporate & Education Markets: Clement Mok, Creative Director; Gary Maddocks, Art Director; Richard Vaughn and Lindy Cameron, Designers and the production and logistic team at Apple Creative Service 1982-1988.