2008 AIGA Medalist | 2023 National Design Award Honoree

I was fortunate to begin my career at the transformative nexus of digital design in the early 80s. I had a front-row seat working at Apple, and Steve Jobs was there to cajole, inspire and threaten me to do my best work. The lessons I learned from those years have informed how I have approached my work since.

As designing in digital media had no antecedent in the early years, Jobs insisted that whatever we created would become benchmarks for others to model or follow. It was essential to do great and inspired work and create standards for others to chase after.

I’ve learned early on that in Silicon Valley, things are either designed or engineered, but not both. Instead of running away from hairy technical projects, I ran toward them. Consequently, my body of work reflects the use of technologies to change the status quo, to find a simpler approach, or to engage, influence, and inspire.

Listed below are the design journeys of my 40+ year career.


None of the work cited here is possible without the contribution and help of many, many brilliant designers, engineers, collaborators, mentors and colleagues who were part of this journey.



Introducing Macintosh to the world.


Explaining what a link was for before the Internet.


Working with bleeding-edge digital technologies.

1993 – 2003

Creating digital tools for designers in the digital age.


Crafting a digital experience for an iconic chair of the Internet Boom.


Creating web-authoring tools for designers at the dawn of the Internet age.


Building a design firm with a singular focus on digital competencies.


Designing a digital design practice in a changing world.


Repurposing data and media.


Career reinvention.