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On Record Many of the articles and interviews about my work and career are now out of print and impossible to find. This directory includes digital archival copies for your reference. For the more recent articles, links are provided.
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01 July 1989   Clement Mok designs  Montieth M. Illingworth
HOW Magazine Clement Mok designs Leaving Apple Computer to strike out on his own, Clement Mok specializes in design for the computer industry.

25 October 1988   Clement Mok: A master of Macintosh design  Karen Sorensen
MacWeek Graphic Arts Supplement Clement Mok: A master of Macintosh design "The photo was too cold; it felt like `1984' with all these monitors all over the place. The beautiful screens just weren't doing the trick." Mok sat up straight in his chair, his enthusiasm rising, as he flipped open the large, foldout photo in the annual report and points to his solution. There, a barely notice-able lizard crawled across the floor in front of a Macintosh SE...

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25 October 1988   Omnipage  Stuart Silverstone
MacWeek Graphic Arts Supplement Omnipage Clement Mok considers his packaging and identity design for Caere's new OmniPage OCR software one of the most exciting projects of his 10-year career...

01 September 1987   Apple's Birthday  Dean Morris
HOW Magazine Apple's Birthday Creative director, Clement Mok, developed and camera-ready logo art for Apple's tenth anniversary in 12 hours using the Macintosh computer...

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01 January 1987   Macintosh Identity  
Print Casebook 7:The Best in Packaging Macintosh Identity When in-house designers at Apple Computer talk about the company's current. uncluttered identity program, they refer to "the white look."...

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01 May 1985   Apple Computer  Marty Neumeier
Communication Arts Magazine Apple Computer Imagine entering a dark room. As you explore the blackness you realize the room is much larger than you had originally supposed. And just when you figure the room is probably endless, you bang your head against a wall...

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