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On Record 06/27/2007
Helen Walters and Reena Jana
Business Week Magazine

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Then: Creative Director, Apple Creative Services (1982—1988)
Now: Senior Consultant/Advisor, and Member, Innovation Council, Sapient

"I joined Apple just prior to the launch of Lisa," says Clement Mok, who spent six years at the company before leaving in 1988 to start his own company, Clement Mok designs, later renamed Studio Archetype. Post-Apple, Mok worked on a variety of projects, including the graphical user interface of the Microsoft Network and the redesign of IBM's Web site. Sapient acquired Studio Archetype in 1998, and Mok later became chief creative officer there. "The idea of designing for the user and for the experience was already within Apple [when I joined the company]. But at that point, I really didn't understand," he says. "It took me about nine months to realize that the software engineers are not unlike craftsmen. And at Apple, the question became how to marry design with everything, including the visual experience, the interaction, and the product, as well as the advertising and marketing." Mok's now applying this eye for holistic detail in his role as Senior Consultant and Advisor for Sapient (he's also a member of the company's Innovation Council). At Sapient, Mok identifies major design trends and market issues as it relates to user experience and user experience design, with a specific focus on the digital domain. "Everyone gets that the Web is important, and they need to be able to make changes quickly and with agility," he says. "There are a lot of opportunities to build and innovate within advertising and marketing."

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