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Musings A collection of current essays, presentations and issues of interest to me.

01 July 2008   Adventures in Sushi-land
  Adventures in Sushi-land High-tech. High-touch. High-taste.  
01 May 2003   Time for Change.
  Time for Change. What the future requires of the design profession?

29 April 2003   Visual Symbols Redux
  Visual Symbols <i>Redux</i> Relaunching and updating the popular royalty-free image library with new images, new pricing, and a new business model.  
02 November 2002   Talk in trouble times
  Talk in trouble times AIGA President Clement Mok on the problems confronting design

by Ruth Arnold

01 February 2000   Children and Education
  Children and Education A presentation given at the TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) Conference in Monterey, CA

28 June 1999   Whatever happend to the Internet Guy?
  Whatever happend to the Internet Guy? George Chen, the hip poster child of dot-com era, was everywhere and is now nowhere to be found. Was he a victim of over-exposure or was he part of the Internet fad?

by George Mannes

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