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Chief Creative Officer
Cambridge, MA

Architects of the New Economy was the lofty ambition I'd envisioned when Studio Archetype merged with Sapient in late summer of 1998. After 18-months of due dilligence, Sapient felt like the right fit to help grow and expand the studio's core business. The ability to influence and have an impact on the direction of the company was very important in our decision to merge.

First and foremost, Sapient was the only company that seemed to provide opportunities for personal and organization growth. Many of the potential partners were more interested in an Internet play of "flipping" a company than to truly build a substainative company for the long haul. Second, Sapient's finanical resource and performance track record seemed like the prudent choice given the wild and speculative nature of the market. We needed capital to grow and to attract talent. We knew then that nothing would ever be the same again for both parties once we merged. And we were right.

I became the Chief Creative Officer of Sapient and I spent much of my time playing coach and being the resident design psychiatrist while trying to grow the business. In other words, I was learning in real time organization change mangement.

We were on track to create a different kind of company. It was a painful two years to integrate the best practices of Studio Archetype, Adjacency and E-Lab into a new reconfigured Sapient. Getting systems, processes and methodologies in place while growing the business at a double digit-pace was stressful and nearly impossible. Multi-disciplinary teams were not a dream. They were real and we saw new design leaders emerged out of this grand experiment.

We needed another year to bake-in all the new changes. Had the Internet bubble not burst and created a shift in the direction of the business, I believe we could have created one of the most interesting consulting firm doing significant design work.

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