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Clement Mok designs
Founder, CEO and Creative Director
San Francisco, CA

Unit of one and then some.

Clement Mok designs grew from a one-person office to forty-person office before it was renamed as Studio Archetype. The journey of this transformation while trying to be true to my personal drivers was a difficult one.

Doing great work is the life blood of any design practice whether you are on staff or the owner. Gaining a broader perspective on success was one of the more important lesson I learned here. Success is measured by value generated and rarely by peer validation. I have learned to continuously recalibrate the definition again and again to make sure the practice is relevant.

Growth was my number one priority. It’s easy to read size and financial growth but it’s personal growth and intellectual growth that drove and shaped Clement Mok designs. Size and financial growth were the unfortunate as well as fortunate consequences.

Sphere of influence — the ability to reach and effect people (not other designers) — was my second driver. Working on projects with the potential of touching a large audience is an important motivator. Businesses and institutions with great reach are often clients and projects I am attracted to. I never see it as designing for the lowest common denominator. I see it as an opportunity to redefine the standard and raise the benchmark. Elevating the mundane and using design to improve the quality of living is an aspiration I try to live day-in and day-out.

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• Founded the company in San Francisco. First office was a sublease from Mauk Design, 636 Fourth Street.
• Connect, Inc. was company’s first client.
• Staff of one.
• Farallon Computing was company's first retainer client
• Staff of five.

1 9 8 9
• Company’s first over $100K project
• Moved to new office on 477 Bryant Street
• Company’s first retreat at Sonoma Mission Inn.
• Company awarded the Mirage Hotel & Casino ID.
• Year end with $1.5M in revenue

1 9 9 0
• Cited by San Francisco Chronicle as one of the ‘Ninety People to watch in the 90’s’
• Bill Rosensweig joined as President to expand the company’s services and partnerships
• Incubated two new businesses — The Ecotech Conference and The Republic of Tea.

1 9 9 1
• Moved office to — 600 Townsend Street.

1 9 9 2
• The Apple QuickTime Starter Kit produced by the studio won the coveted GOLD award from Broadcast Designers Association.

1 9 9 3
• Mark Crumpacker returns as Creative Director of the studio’s print design business

1 9 9 4
• Launched sister company’s, CMCD, first line of products, the Visual Symbol Library
• Awarded the project to design the graphical user interface of the Microsoft Network

1 9 9 5
• Mark Crumpacker named CEO of Clement Mok designs, Inc. Peter Rack is named CFO

1 9 9 6
• Company changed name to Studio Archetype

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